Microencapsulation is used to enhance products bioavailability and extend shelf life.

As leading provider in microencapsulated solutions for dietary supplements, Canadex Laboratories is the perfect partner to help pump up your product portfolio.

How it works

Using a highly modified proprietary fluid bed arrangement, we cloak the active ingredients in your product with a protective food-grade shell the size of a human hair. This creates a barrier to preserve the ingredients during food processing—and the ability to release them at just the right moment for maximum effectiveness.

Microencapsulation advantages

By controlling the release of certain ingredients, microencapsulation gives the power to:

  • Protect shelf life
  • Prevent moisture pickup and make ingredients free-flowing
  • Enhance flavor and quality
  • Mask off taste or odors
  • Fortify through the selective release of nutrients
  • Deliver functional ingredients
  • Provide ingredient stability
  • Prevent ingredient interaction
  • Enhance the bioavailability of nutrients
  • Act as a delivery system or facilitate delivery